Let Your Heart Be Your Compass

Mediumship Minutes for March 31, 2016

It is always interesting to me, that although there are days when I give more than a dozen readings, there is always an overall theme that comes through. A message directly for the individual client, but one that also applies to myself, my other clients, and damn near every human being on Earth.  I not only feel guided, but obligated to share this wisdom from Spirit with Everyone. So, my Mediumship Minutes blog contains my reflections on the previous days theme, and how we can implement the guidance from Spirit into our own lives.

Yesterday's Theme from Spirit that came through during my daily readings could be summed up as:

Let Your Heart Be Your Compass

Yesterday was all about people acknowledging what they had already known in their hearts for some time: Their intimate relationship was no longer serving them. In fact, in most cases the relationship was holding them back from taking care of themselves, from going after their goals, and from ultimately experiencing happiness.

Again, the clients already knew this fact in their hearts, and had known it for some time. In one case, for over forty years. For them, they needed to hear the validation from Spirit to make what is often a huge leap out of what has become a routine life, and into the great unknown, as it were.

It takes great courage to leave a relationship that has become grounded not only in your own being, but in your family, and in society, as well. Often times financial constraints limit people's belief that they in fact, can leave while maintaining their dignity, too.

So, it can be a very difficult reality to face.

In summation, here is what my client's spirit guides had to say (I am paraphrasing):

You deserve to lead a life of joy. It is not selfish. For, when you truly live your life full of joy, it shows that your heart is guiding you.
To live a life of joy, is to live a life from your Heart. When you live from your heart, you are always on your most rightful path. That is when your mind has the space to create the work of your true life purpose, and when your body has the strength to carry it out. In fact, you can only realize your highest potential; you can only do your greatest good, and fulfill your life purpose, when you live from your heart.
When you stay in a dead-end relationship or job, you ignore your heart.
You are lying to yourself. You cannot lead a life of joy from this dishonest place.
So, what do you need to do?
Let your heart be your compass.
If ever you think that you do not know the answer. If ever you feel that you do not know which way to go, it is because you are not listening to your own heart.
For only you know your truth.
So. When doubt rushes over you, STOP. Tune in to your heart and ask it for it's guidance. It will never steer you wrong.
If a person or situation brings you joy and closer to being your authentic self, then go for it!
If a person or situation continually takes you away from a place of joy, away from peace, away from expressing your authenticity, then go far, far away from it. Disconnect your energy from that Life Force Drain, and step boldly in the direction of your heart. 
It will Never steer you wrong. 
We know it is difficult and that it can feel deeply painful to exit negative situations, but please trust us, you simply must.

What beautiful guidance from Spirit!! I will be holding this lesson dear and in mind for the next time I feel desperate for an answer (that I know I already know, but don't want to admit). I hope you find some part or all of it helpful to you on your journey, as well.

Much Love,


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