Spirit's Three Steps to Connecting Romatically With Your True Love

Mediumship Minutes From April 1, 2016

The Overwhelming Question: When will I meet my true love / life partner?

The vast majority of us have been there. It feels like a cold, lonely place, and bitterness may even be creeping in. We may stumble from potential mate to potential mate, only to be left hurt, tired, alone, and confused. I've spoken with people in their mid to late life who still have not met their true love, and they are beginning to feel hopeless...

What does Spirit have to say about all this? Are we sometimes destined to live our lives alone?

In some, very rare cases, yes. Sometimes we choose a life celibacy, or to dedicate our lives to a lifestyle, cause, or occupation that leaves no space for romantic love.

But, in most cases, the answer is no. We are not meant to live our lives with a hole in our hearts where we know our beloved should be.

Honestly folks, in all of the readings I have done for people in this situation, I have NEVER seen the person going through the rest of their life alone. Never.

However, a number of pieces need to fall into just the right places for you and your true love to meet, and connect in a romantic way. The guidance that Spirit issues to those of us in this situation can be summed up into three main points.

Yes. It is this simple and it absolutely works (and I have numerous case studies to prove it!).

Here they are: Spirit's Three Steps to Connecting Romantically With Your True Love:

  1. Do You.
    • The first step on the path to your true love, is to deeply care for yourself. This is honest self-love inside and out. The advice is typically: pamper yourself. Focus on your needs and desires. Get out there and do the activities that bring you joy. Let your heart guide you to the path of joy. The happier you are with and by yourself, the faster your love comes to you.
  2. Align Your Life With Your Heart
    • As you begin to really care for and connect with yourself, you will naturally adjust and align your life to match the desires of your heart. Clarity will come to you. You will recognize Divine Guidance that comes to you, you will let your heart be your compass, and your life will naturally fall in line with your heart.
    • When this happens, your energetic vibration changes, and this is a most important key. Once the energetic vibration of you and your love match, you will meet. There is no way to stop it at this point.
  3. Get Specific
    • You will find yourself arriving at a peaceful place, where you no longer feel that you need someone else's love to survive, but gosh wouldn't it be nice. It is at this place where you take beautiful care of your life, and tend to yourself as you would a prized garden, when the time is ripe for getting super specific about the qualities, and characteristics that you want in a partner. At this stage, your guides want you to spell out every detail of your dream partner in as much detail as possible. Specific traits, specific ways you want to be treated, and specific ways you don't want to be treated. Don't feel shy about listing specific physical traits, such as ethnicity, height, eye color. The more you specific you get, and the more you hold that image, the faster it will come to you.

The last tip from Spirit on connecting with your love, is the same tip that is provided regarding how to manifest anything in life: Believe it. You must believe in your heart that it will happen. Hold the image of your true love coming to you. Trust that the Universe is working on it, and that it will happen, once all the pieces line up. You do your part, and Trust that the Universe will do it's part, too.

I hope this helps to buoy the faith of, and to encourage those of you who a yearning for love. We must be our own first true love, for we set the example to others for how we are to be treated. I promise you that when you commit to yourself, set clear intentions, hold the vision in your mind, and faith in your heart, miracles will manifest in your life. I promise you.

Much Love,


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