Who Is With Me In Spirit? You Have a Legion Around You At Any Given Moment. This is Who They Are:

Mediumship Minutes for April 2, 2016

Yesterday I held a Spirit Guide Reading for a client. We wanted to specifically identify her Spirit Guides. We wanted a clear identification, including what they look like, their names, and how they assist my client. From this reading, I found some parallels to other readings I have done. These are the main themes:

  1. You Have a Legion of Spirit 'Helpers' Around You At Any Given Moment
    • Everyone has their own unique 'team' in spirit. This includes one's Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Deceased Loved Ones in Spirit, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.
    • EVERYTIME that I connect with someone for a reading, their whole team shows up. All of the spirits together, standing close, tall, and firm in a semi circle behind the client. The term 'legion'  never entered my vocabulary until I began to give regular readings, and started to witness this phenomena. There is no other appropriate term for our teams in Spirit, as I am talking about hundreds of helping friendly spirits who Love you, and have your back, with you on the daily.
  2. Most Of Us Have Three Main Spirit Guides
    • Three has been the consistent number throughout my readings. Additional spirits can step in and act as guides for specific situations, or at certain times in our lives, but our main Spirit Guides typically remain constant throughout our lives. They are also on our team when we crossover. They meet our souls to help us go to The Light, and they are by our sides through our Life Review, Healing Period, in the Planning Stages of our Work in Spirit, and in Planning Future Incarnations. Our Spirit Guides are Always with us. They guide us along our path, shedding light, offering protection, and inspiration. They work very closely with us while we are sleeping, as here accelerated learning and healing occurs. Click here to learn more about interpreting signs from your Spirit Guides.
  3. Everyone Has A Guardian Angel
    • Your Guardian Angel always watches over you, guides you to safety,  steps in in emergencies, and is always there for you when you ask them for help. They often work through your gut instinct or intuition to keep you safe and on the right track. They are always aware, and swoop into instant action in emergencies, or when you call upon them. Read on here for tips on working with your Guardian Angel.
  4. The Archangels and Ascended Masters are Up To You
    • These are among the Highest Level of Spiritual Being. They have awesome abilities and Love (love, love, love) connecting with humans and assisting them on their paths, and with aligning with what is in The Highest and Greatest Good of The All.
    • They respect your Free Will, and will not intercede unless you ASK THEM TO DO SO. So, i have noticed that the Archangels and Ascended Master's who show up as part of a person's Legion, are the ones that the person explicitly prays to, or otherwise asks for their help. Once you engage the assistant of an Archangel or Ascended Master, they join your Legion.
      • Here is an affiliate link to one of my favorite books indexing many Ascended Masters and Archangels, including how to connect and work with them.
  5. Deceased Loved Ones Always Stay Near To Their Families
    • While our work continues when we are in Spirit, there is a strong and easily accessible link between Deceased Loved Ones in Spirit and their loved ones who remain in physical bodies on Earth (this link maintains once we are in spirit, too). With this link, our deceased loved ones are able to keep constant tabs on how things are going, and when and what we may need help with. For instance, I often have deceased loved ones of my own, or of friends and family, who very occasionally pop in with a tidbit of information that shows that they are aware of everything that is going on with their families on Earth. Our Deceased Loved Ones attend our parties, ceremonies, and events, they often pop in to have coffee with us, are very often close to us at bedtime, and throughout our days in little and big ways. They act much like our Spirit Guides, in that they are always near, and always ready to help. Our Deceased Loved Ones in Spirit often want to reassure us that they are OK, and the everything ultimately is. They often send us signs through nature (orbs, insects, and animals), through touch or smell (they will brush our hair aside, lay a hand on our backs, or even snuggle us when we lay down. You may smell cigarette smoke (if they smoked on earth), or their cologne or aftershave, or you may smell your favorite pancakes that they often made for you) click here to read about the Top Ten Most Common Signs From Your Loved Ones in Spirit.

So there you have it, a mini breakdown of who is with you in Spirit. If you would like me to look into more of the specifics of who exactly is with you, and their messages for you at this time in your life, click here or here to book a reading with me.

Much Love,