Mediums Need Readings Too!

Mediumship Minutes for April 4, 2016

So, this theme pops up continually both in my work-a-day life and in my private life, as well.

Personally, I have two main trusted Mediums in my life whom I contact in my times of need. There is one who works for a psychic call center, whom I've consulted semi-regularly for the past 5 years or so, who provides me with excellent insight, and also comfort when I'm having a breakdown or freakout about something that feels so urgent that I must have the answer NOW! And another trusted Medium whom I've been consulting over the past ten years. I make appointments with her (she books out weeks or months in advance) to address the big stuff, such as major life transitions, decisions, something I've been struggling to work through for a long time to no avail, or when I feel that my guides are trying to communicate with me,but I'm just not getting it.

I also regularly read for fellow Mediums. Sometimes I know before the reading that my client is a colleague, too, while at other times it doesn't come up until sometime during the reading. In all cases, I am left feeling uplifted, and as though my work has been respected and validated by someone whom I respect, which is a great feeling.

One of my favorite things about being a Medium is the utter support and feeling of camaraderie among the Psychic\Medium Community. There is honestly no competition!  We all support and trust each other. We know deeply that each person offers their own unique gifts, in their own unique way, and we trust them to do just that. We uplift and encourage each others careers, and we share information and resources to assist others on their path. There is no competition for clients, or information, as we Know that we are all serving a unique need, and client base, and that we each have an equally important purpose of bringing the messages of Spirit to the people who wish to receive them.

Why is this though? Why would a Medium need to go elsewhere for a reading?

  • It may seem strange to many. If Mediums can communicate so well with Spirit, why would they need anyone outside of themselves to gain information and answers to their own questions?
    • One reason is that it is simply quite difficult to read for yourself. We are well aware that our own hopes, wishes, desires, perspective, and filters may lead us to misinterpreting the messages that come through for ourselves. We then go round and round in our minds, which we all know is sure to muddle any bit of clarity we may have had. Questions plague us, such as: "Ohh is that right, or is that just what i wanted to hear?"  Which leads us to the next reason that Mediums like to go to other Mediums for readings:
    • The second reason is that we like to receive validation too! Most often, the messages that we Mediums receive for our clients, and ourselves, are validations confirming what we have already known, sensed, or otherwise received from Spirit, but some part of us isn't fully acknowledging or implementing the message, or some emotional urge propels us to "just need to know." It isn't that we don't trust our abilities, or our interactions with Spirit, it is that we are human. As humans, we tend to look outside of ourselves to other authority figures whom we trust to offer their insight. Because we trust them. When what we receive from Spirit through a Medium confirms what we've already thought to be true, it not only encourages us to move forward in response to the message, but it also brings us back to our Truth, that we did know all along. But gosh, isn't it nice to receive validation from a trusted source? :)

With Love and Blessings,



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