Spirit Says: #1 Way To Connect

Mediumship Minutes for April 6, 2016

Increasingly, (and naturally in step with spring, no less) my client's spirit guides have been encouraging them to connect on a deeper level, and directly to Spirit, by first connecting to nature.

Spirit has been guiding us to get out into nature, barefoot if possible, alone if possible, and to clear the mind, to best connect with our guide(s) or angel(s).

Once you feel Spirit with you, ask us a question. You will most often receive an instant response in your mind, you may see or hear the response. Trust what your receive.
That is the beautifully simple gist, my friends! It really is that simple, and i think you will find that once you place the soles of your feet on the earth, the connection sparks. It doesn't take long to develop your relationship with your guides, and to gain insights to your burning questions, as well. So, get out there, if you can, and allow your body to touch the earth, and your spirit to touch Spirit. Open yourself to the gifts, messages, and inspiration that comes through to you.
Love and Blessings,
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