Respect in the Workplace - Tell Me What it Means to Me

I work an average of 80 hours per week. That's time that I'm logged in, "on call" on the psychic hotline that I am private contractor for. That is outside of my personal business clients, outreach, volunteer work, and everything that comes with being a single mother of two young children living alone in the mountains.

And I know that I am not alone in my struggle to thrive. Millions of Americans, and Billions world wide struggle, and work their tails off, constantly, as much as they are physically able, just to eat! Just to hopefully survive. More and more, it isn't enough. More and more, I realize that to really get ahead, I need to work 20hrs a day. 20. Hours. Per. Day. And, in fact, I know that I am very lucky. Being a caucasian female, I have privileges afforded me that others don't receive, simply because of my appearance. And although I really have had to work hard, strive, and struggle to get to where I am now, I feel blessed that I am able to work from home, doing what I love, what I feel called to do, and what helps others, too, all at my own pace and schedule that I set for myself, even if it means that I do still have to work my butt off all day every day. I am grateful that I've been able to kick off my own business, and look forward to a day when I have more time to put toward expanding that work.

The work that I do with Spirit, I take with the utmost seriousness. Delivering messages from Spirit requires an incredible amount of focus and concerted effort both on my end, and on Spirit's. I honor this work, and am honored to do this work, and I do expect a similar level of respect for this work among my clients.

Last night, on the hotline, I received a call from a woman who began our conversation with the following statement:

Caller: "...She told me you were really good, the best, so you better not disappoint me!"

Me:  "Uhhh? My work is to relay messages from Spirit, and that is what I do. I'm not here to impress people."

Caller:  "Oh yeah, I know, I was just calling for some insight into...."

Although I was very upset to be treated like a circus animal, or a performer at the public's disposal, I proceeded to deliver some very helpful information to the woman, and she ended the call expressing her gratitude to me for the reading. Maybe I should have just hung up on her. Maybe I shouldn't have taken that treatment and ended the call. However, ultimately, I chose some assertive words, and to hold my chin up as I continued to speak to this woman.

Yet, I hung up the phone feeling disgusted and even a bit disgusting. I felt like I was whoring myself out, spiritually. Here I am working my ass off, for pennies on the dollar of what the hotline makes, up at midnight to soothe your anxieties, and this is how I am regarded?! Like a paid spiritual prostitute here to serve you. Um, excuse me? Didn't you just call me, seeking my help? Without common decency and respect? I am not here to serve anyone who does not appreciate the gift.

Of course, this got me instantly thinking of what actual prostitutes go through, and I sobbed half the night. I'm sure you all know how sex trafficing as an industry is booming all over the word. Women, and people are literally forced to give of themselves, to give some other, whatever they want, just in order to hopefully survive. For prisoners, prostitutes, slaves, indentured servants, they often have no choice, and get nothing but abuse and suffering in return.

This grossly disrespectful way that human beings so oftentimes treat each other is the greatest travesty the world has ever known.

We are all in the same boat.

We are all striving to survive and thrive.

Understanding leads to Compassion leads to Respect.

People are struggling to survive everywhere. A little decency goes a long way in recognizing this and in lifiting up our brothers and sisters. Taking a moment to recognize that these other people around us are struggling too, that they may be working extremely hard to better their lives for themselves, their children, and for humanity as a whole. Compassion and Understanding breed Respect. Let's try to remember to honor the work each other does, great or small, regardless of what it is. That person you come in contact with on the street, or working at the carwash is struggling and striving to do better. They deserve to receive respect for the work that they provide.

Spirit shows me that when we truly choose to see people in this understanding way, that the energy that we emit, does in fact lift them up. Offering respect raises people higher. And when one of us is lifted, we all are. 

To lift up the world, lift your neighbor.

What I am taking away from last nights experience, is to slow down and look at each person I come in contact with, and to honor them, their path, their work here on earth, because it is important. It's important if for nothing other than it is helping them to be more aligned on their rightful path, and when one person is aligned, that energy supports alignment in others too, and when we all align with our hearts on your rightful paths, well, just imagine what we could do!

Thank you for taking the time to read this rant of mine, and thank you for the important work that you do.

With Love and Gratitude,