Have You Ever Sold Your Soul To A (Hu)Man?

Most of us have in one way or another, at some time in our lives. It's allowing another person's will to change your direction, and you do so for no reason other than to appease this person or to 'keep the peace' as it were. Giving into peer pressure. Being week-willed. Not speaking your truth. Not walking your talk. Allowing others to make your decisions for you. Examples of this are: the boyfriend who is unkind to his girlfriend, in order to try to look cool in front of his friends. It's the young woman who sleeps with her boyfriend because he wants her to, regardless of the fact that she'd rather not. It's the same young woman who goes through with an abortion, against her own will and her own wishes, because he thinks it's what's best for him right now. It's the person who dates someone for selfish reasons, knowing in their heart that this person could have a negative impact on their children and should be avoided. It's the person who joins in on gossip or ridicule. It's going against your own guidance. It's being passive-aggressive; not speaking up for yourself, and then feeling victimized for not being recognized. It's keeping quiet, and or standing by, while injustices are inflicted on others. It's allowing the group mentality to rule your will. Going along with others. Not speaking up. Not doing what you know to be right for you.

When we don't stand up for ourselves, we essentially hand our will over to another person (or people). We think that doing so gives us something in return. Perhaps a temporary sense of peace, or a lack of drama, that we haven't 'rocked the boat' so to speak. This is a transaction, an energetic exchange, and I have been there, and I can attest, that it is essentially, selling a part of your soul. And just like selling your engagement ring to the pawn shop, it's gonna cost you more to get it back then the price you sold it for.

It is going to take a lot of effort, and continued practice of walking in your truth to earn those bits of yourself back. To regain your integrity. To prove You to yourself and to everyone else. So, don't do it in the first place, and teach your children to stand up for what's morally right, too. Don't allow another man to make any choice for you. You are responsible for You in all times, and in all ways. Don't allow others to sway you from what you know to be right for you. I don't care if this is your husband telling you what to name your brand, your wife telling you she doesn't likes your hobby and wants you to quit, or letting your boss know that you are offended by their racial slurs. Speak your truth on it.

Stay in your beautiful, radiant light, and shine. Be a beacon. Be an inspiration to others to do so too. And if you fall, if you exchange a piece of yourself for perceived comfort, you'd better pull yourself by your bootstraps and try harder. Are you gonna keep slippin' back, or are you gonna stand on your own two feet? At the end of the day it's just you, baby. It's just you and what you stand for. Only you know what that is. You gotta stand up and show us what that is.

With Love and Compassion,