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Are you are feeling low, "off", or simply not your self, and you sense that a Reiki healing, energy balancing, or chakra clearing is what you need? Book a session with Nicole today, and let the healing begin!

Cord Cutting


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Are you feeling energetically drained, physically ill, experiencing headaches, anxiety, or muscular pain, and believe it to be associated with another person? Has an argument or disagreement left you feeling weak or distracted? Or do you continually think about an ex, person, or even situation from your past?

Any time that we interact with another person, an energetic cord can be (and often is) formed. Sometimes these cords are healthy, such as with our children or lover, but sometimes (and even in mostly positive relationships) our energy can be drained, sucked, stolen, or otherwise negatively affected by the energetic relationship that we share with others. When this happens, it is crucial to your well-being to cut and seal the cords. People often experience instant relief when detrimental cords have been cut.

Nicole is skilled with safely and effectively cutting and sealing cords, both remotely and in person.

Spirt Releasement


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Do you feel that there is a spirit(s) in your home, or attached to yourself, and you'd like them to kindly leave?

Nicole has years of experience releasing both attached and earthbound spirits to The Light, and is happy to provide this service for you.

Due to the nature of Spirit, sessions are equally successful whether done remotely or in person. Nicole most often does this work remotely, because of time and distance restraints, however, if you would like a live session and are in the Colorado or Nebraska area, this can be arranged.

We will be in touch within 48 hours of your purchase to schedule your session with Nicole.