Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Good morning, Beautiful Friends!

Something about today, and the daily oracle card for you, feels so fresh! We truly are reborn after each long sleep, but this freshness feels beyond that. It is the freshness of waking to a new day, yes, and also the freshness of spring (and perhaps the melting of ice and snow where you are), and all of this coupled with a new found freshness within your own outlook on life, and sense of who you are, and what you aim to create in your life.

I feel strong and deeply that you have been putting in great effort, and let's face it --> work into who you are, who want to be, and allowing your heart to carve out a path for your life.

And you're hard work, and optimistic outlook is paying off!

I hear the angels saying to you: "You are free, my child. Spread your wings and feel yourself being carried, supported, by the beautiful, elevated currents way high above the earthly plane where your Spirit truly resides."

Today's Daily Oracle Card was pulled from Doreen Virtue's, 'Archangel Oracle Cards.'

Spread Your Wings!
Archangel Ariel: "Don't hold back right now. The timing is perfect, and you're ready to soar!"
Additional message: "Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you're ready to fly high. Welcome new opportunities, and know that it's safe to follow your heart and dreams. Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit, and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics. Remember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories."

With Love and Blessings,


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