Sunday, April 24, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Good Morning, Loves!

The 'Mother' energy flowing through the collective consciousness has been palpable with the onset of the full moon this past Friday. You are being called to step back, and look to the many different ways that 'The Mother' is embodied and expressed in yourself, those around you, and the circumstances in your life. How do you provide mothering to those around you? Where are your strengths with mothering, and where is your shadow? Are you a hovering helocopter, or cold, discerning, and aloof?

Jungian psychology teaches us that the Universal Archetypes are ingrained in the human psyche from (at least) birth. The Mother Archetype, as with all other Archetypes, runs through us all. There is sure to be a time when The Mother affects us in one (often many) way or another. Whether the experience feels safe, nurturing, positive, or cold, unforgiving, un-giving, negative, and even hurtful is dependent upon numerous interacting factors. One of the greatest determinates of how the various archetypes play out in our lives, comes from what intention we set for ourselves before incarnating in a human body. Your Spirit chose what life lessons you wanted to learn in this life, in order to support your souls evolution. So, it's OK. Recognize how you both give and receive mothering in your life and relationships, and seek the lesson that lies in wait for you there.

Today's card was drawn from a brand-new-for-me deck, 'Past Life Oracle Cards' by Doreen Virtue and Brian L. Weiss, M.D. (so far, I LOVE it --> super spot-on!)

This card indicates that your mother in this life was also with you in other lifetimes. This is actually a very common occurrence.  The mother\child relationship is a significant emotional and physical bond. If you enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your mother in this lifetime, you were probably drawn together again because of your fondness for one another. However, if your relationship has been challenging, this indicates a need to balance the karma through your forgiveness.
Your feelings about your mother are directly related to your ability to manifest abundance, as Mother Energy is all about receiving. If you have blocks with your mother, you have most likely developed control issues that prevent you from receiving help from others or the universe.
So, this card asks you to do more personal work concerning your mother. At this time, you may wish to add past-life regression as an adjunct to other therapeutic methods.

With Love and Blessings,


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