Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Hiya Friends!

Oooo I just love when Spirit guides us to pamper ourselves. I've found that messages of pampering are common themes from Spirit. Your guides and loved ones will encourage you to follow your hear in ways that honor you, body, mind, and spirit. The know that when we look good, we feel good, and that when we feel good, we do our best work. So, it isn't selfish to take care of yourself, in fact, it's quite necessary for your work here on earth. You may notice Spirit nudging you toward some pampering either with recurring thoughts, or more physical signs, such as stumbling upon a new salon, hearing of specials, or finding a coupon or flier. If you feel uncomfortable with treating yourself and honoring your body, consider it your gift to Spirit. Your honoring the messages Spirit tries so hard to send you, is a gift to your loved ones in Spirit. They feel heard and honored when we follow their advice. So, just go for it! First form of pampering that pops into your head, go do it this afternoon or evening! xo

Today's daily oracle card was pulled from Doreen Virtue's, 'Messages from Your Angels Oracle Deck.'

"When you take excellent care of yourself, everybody benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat today, such as a massage, sea salt bath, or pedicure."
Additional Message: "You are a giver, and God loves you for that. Now it is time to give to yourself. I am helping you to spiritually open your body through the process of relaxation. So, you see that relaxing has its own productive side to it!
The more that you allow me and the other angels to give to you, the more you will be able to give to others. Your soul has called out to Heaven, begging for some rest and relaxation. You have been working ceaselessly, and you have also been juggling many other people's interests. Now, it is time for your reward. This is a directive from Heaven: Take care of yourself, and don't allow yourself to be swayed from this important mission. Take steps right now to create time for relaxation. You will feel happier and have more peace of mind as a result, which will benefit everyone in your life!"

With Love and Blessings,


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