Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Hi Friends! Just in case you forgot, Rhiannon rode into your cards today to remind you that you are a powerful, manifesting wiz. You have the ability to bring in to creation that which you desire. And you do manifest your reality one way or another, whether you aware of it or not. So, let's remember to throw some intention into those thoughts today and create a beautiful tomorrow of your dreams!

Today's daily oracle card was drawn from Doreen Virtue's, 'Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.'

"You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality."
Message from Rhiannon: "A large part of my power stems from my connection to animals and nature. If you've been indoors too long, you can recapture your personal power by simply stepping outside. This simple motion will do you a world of good in reawakening your sleeping, magical, spiritual nature. Allow the light of the sun, the moon, and the stars to stir ancient memories that may be dormant. Recall the times of your magical abilities, and then put them to use immediately for the good of the entire planet. Resume the mission that was once aborted through misdeeds of past-time leaders. Take up your spiritual arms and move with swift speed into the night, awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself. This is a mission that must be accomplished, and you're the one who can help us with it."
Various Meanings of This Card: Have absolute faith that your dream is manifested - Make a clear decision - Put your energy into manifesting your dreams - Know that you deserve to receive good - When you win, others win, too - Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear,

With Love and Blessings,


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