Saturday, June 11, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

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I've been doing lots of tarot readings lately, and thought it'd be fun to spice up our Saturday with a slight deviation from the oracle decks that I typically use. This paricular deck is relatively new to me, and I must say that I am steadily developing a love and deepening respect for it.

My two favorite tarot decks have been 1) The Rider-Waite deck with Pamela Coleman Smith illustrations, and 2) The Hanson-Roberts deck.

I will admit that when I first saw this deck, I was both drawn toward and away from it. My spirit wanted it, my heart wanted this golden, Italian, historic re-make tarot deck without question or doubt. I felt I needed it. The other part of me scrutinized the deck, and book which were sealed. I couldn't see the images, save for the Hierophant on the front cover. I had no clue what the court cards and pips looked like, and I didn't recognize the author. I'd never heard of this deck before. Anyway, my spirit trumped my scrutiny once again  (for better or worse) and I walked out with the deck and a delicious chocolate candy bar.

Since that time, I've been using the deck more and more. And though while I was at first disappointed that minor arcana are simply the quantity of each suit, and no other imagery, I have found this deck to exhibit a sharp precision and to deliver direct, accurate readings.

So, without further adeu:

Today's card for you is in it's upright position. This is a strong indicator of a completion in your life. It also asks you to consider where on the wheel are you? Are you riding high at the top, down at the bottom, or somewhere in between? The Wheel reminds you that life is constant motion, and what goes up, must come down. It is symbolic of the energies influencing our lives, but also our own energy, as well. You too have ups and downs. When you are down, you can reassure yourself that you will again rise. When you are up, be mindful to use your energy efficiently and to strive to attain and maintain balance, so that the winds of change don't affect you too strongly when they do come back around.

Today's Daily Oracle Card is drawn from Mary Packard's, 'The Golden Tarot; The Visconi-Sforza Deck.'

The Wheel of Fortune, is associated with time and the physical, temporal world, in which nothing stays the same. Blindfolded Fortuna, as the embodiment of indifference, is impervious to the fates of those around her. The figures at the top and left of Fortuna sport donkey ears, and the figure on the right has a tail. An old ma in tattered clothing supports them all. This card indicates that life is change. If it's in an upright position, all is rosy; reversed, not so much.
Upright: Destiny; coming to the end of a problem
Reversed: Interruption; reversal of fortune; repeated bad luck due to inability to learn from experience.

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