Sunday, June 12 and Monday, June 13, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Dear Friends,

Today's card for you is to be applied today and tomorrow, and the energy will continue throughout the week. Here is a very lovely indicator of warmth, romance, and affection coming your way! The first step when Guinevere floats in, is to romance yourself. I'm serious; I mean it. Tonight calls for a bubble bath and your favorite indulgent treat. Perhaps give yourself a pedicure, a facial, or simply take the time to massage your scalp as you wash you hair. Align your energy with the goddess of love, and outside love will come quickly to you in a very real way. As you delve into your feminine energy, that open, flowing, soft, receptive energy, you emit will naturally draw in strong masculine energy. If your energy is more masculine, then allow your feminine side to come forth in your personal care and treatment of yourself, and use this exercise as practice in learning how to care for your partner who may be more feminine.

At any rate, an honoring of the Divine feminine within you is called for at this time, and in doing so, great love comes your way.

Today's Daily Oracle Card was drawn from Doreen Virtue's, 'Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.'
"The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the universe to deliver great love to you.”
Message from Guinevere: “Romance is not an outmoded concept-far from it! Romance is the time honored precept of merging with the Divine as it is manifest within another human being. Romance is also playfulness, which heralds springtime, flowers, and new life. You need not be in a partnership to evoke romance, however. You can manifest it for yourself through laughter, surrounding yourself with beauty, and indulging in luxurious treats. Romance is the life force of the universe, and it is a worthwhile goal indeed!”
Various meanings of this card: Your soul mate relationship has arrived or is soon arriving. There is renewed passion in an existing relationship. You are a very romantic person. Your romantic needs are not being met, and you must take steps to alleviate this. 

With Love and Blessings,


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