Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daily Oracle Card

Hi Friends

I just am in love with this deck. Are there particular time periods you have always been drawn to perhaps in history class, or in books, movies, or documentaries that you enjoy? You may be drawn to certain periods because you experienced a past life there. In addition to specific locations, certain themes from our past lives, such as relationship experience, fears, and patterns can stem from a past life, as well. Today's card looks more closely at an archetypal theme that we have likely all experienced in one form or another in a given life time. Perhaps we were the recipient, or perhaps we were the perpetrator, in any case, take a moment or a meditation if you can, to consider how today's message apply to you.

With Love and Blessings,


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This card indicates that you had a painful experience with unrequited love in a prior lifetime. The person you loved deeply didn't share your feelings, or you may have been betrayed or abandoned. This individual may be in your present life.
These experiences of unrequited love may be negatively affecting you now. For example, you might distrust your lover's intentions or his or her ability to make a monogamous commitment. Sometimes those doubts have a basis in current reality.
However, romantic insecurities can also be a product of prior lifetimes. When that occurs, the unconscious insecurities are difficult to pinpoint or heal unless they're consciously realized. This is where irrational jealousy and neediness may actually ruin an otherwise good relationship. Sometimes the best cure is past-life regression for couples, so that you can both remember the situation that caused you pain in other lives.